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Accessibility Help

On any page of the Exmouth Talking Newspaper website, click the ‘Accessibility Tools’ icon to change the text size, contrast and other options.

The following free screen readers are available for download:

Fire Vox

Natural Readers

NVDA Access



With an Alexa device, it is possible to listen to the Exmouth & District Talking Newspaper podcast by setting up your Amazon Alexa device, subscribing to our Apple podcast which is called “Exmouth Talking Newspaper”, then simply saying “Alexa, play Exmouth Talking Newspaper”. That command will play the latest recording from Exmouth & District Talking Newspaper.
Please follow the instructions on this Apple link:

It is also possible to use the Alexa skill created by British Wireless for the Blind Fund. To do this, once your Alexa device is set up, enable the Talking Newspapers Skill by using the command. ‘Alexa enable talking newspapers’. Once the skill has been enabled, you can then say ‘Alexa ask Talking Newspaper for Exmouth Talking Newspaper’ or ‘Alexa ask Talking Newspaper for Exmouth Talking Magazine’. This will play the latest newspaper or magazine.
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